CEO at LIQUIFI/Venture360

Fintech Track

Venture360 was developed for investors & entrepreneurs, by an investor & entrepreneur – Rachael Qualls. Rachael is the founder and former CEO of the Angel Capital Group where she began development of Venture360 to meet the growing demands of managing one of the largest Angel groups in the country. The Angel Capital Group has multiple locations nationwide, more than 200 investors, and a growing portfolio of 65+ companies. Prior to the Angel Capital Group, Rachael was also the founder and CEO of a social networking site started in 2009 called BugleMe. BugleMe assisted celebrities in monetizing an online fan base through privately built social networks integrated with public sites like Twitter and Facebook. Rachael led the development and sales teams with locations in LA, Nashville and London.  BugleMe was acquired by a NYC-based venture capital firm in 2010.

Prior to founding Angel Capital Group and BugleMe, Rachael’s experience included financial management and senior analyst positions with Pinnacle Financial Partners, Raymond James, and Ernst & Young. She also founded several other startups, including Katalyst, FastPitch and Qualls Properties. Having sat on both sides of the table, as both investor and entrepreneur, she was able to develop Venture360 to meet the unique needs of both these diverse groups.