Montrez Jones

Montrez Jones initiated his cryptocurrency endeavors as a Bitcoin miner in 2014 during his undergraduate years. Simultaneously, he was active in significant local grassroots movements like the Fight for $15 and Communities Creating Opportunity. With dual degrees in Economics and Sociology, Montrez deepened his research into blockchain’s potential for addressing economic disparities. This led to collaborations with prominent institutions such as the Schumacher Center for New Economics and Grassroots Economics, and associations with key decentralized autonomous organizations and blockchain networks (DAOs) like FuseDAO, OlympusDAO, BLKWEB3, The Black DAO, Dapper Labs/Flow Blockchain and The Raid Guild His experience also spans roles as a financial analyst for major U.S. financial institutions and as a research analyst for a top proxy voting consultant serving firms like BlackRock and JP Morgan. Montrez holds an MA in Economics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and is presently a Consultant at a Big 4 firm, focusing on blockchain’s confluence with data science.